While the club is closed we have taken the opportunity to do some much needed upgrades and renovations to the clubhouse and outdoor areas.

No 1 on the list:- replacement of the main bar floor

Paint, paint & more paint. Our outdoor decks have received a face-lift to get them back looking FABULOUS!!! Our bar stools were also given a facial and some new signage placed around the club.

The staff and volunteers were very busy last week with greens on course being renovated. A special thanks to the volunteers the greens staff in removing the cores off greens and thanks to Colin for getting the word out to members for help.

Renovation key objectives
• Removal of thatch in greens (layer of dead and living stems and roots between green and soil layers)
• Remove soil compaction
• Increase air and water flow into the soil profile
• Incorporate fertiliser amendments into profile from soil test results (Nutrismart and Gypsum)
• Increase root system in soil profile

1. Greens cored with hollow tine 12mm to a depth of 20cm. Cores removed from green surface with the help of the volunteers and rolled. (Pic 1)

2. Greens top-dressed with a free draining sand (35 ton used on greens)

3. Greens fertilised with soil amendments (Pic 2)

4. Greens rubbed in with drag mat to push the sand and fertiliser into the core holes. (Pic 3)

5. Greens irrigated to breakdown fertiliser and push sand into core holes.

Courtesy Bus Timetable

The Courtesy Bus is available Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 5.30pm.

Ph: 4476 0500 to reserve a seat

Pick up & Drop Off  servicing Narooma, Kianga & Dalmeny

Children are welcome but must use a child restraint as per NSW law.

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